Union Bank of India-UBI home loan interest rate 2021

Union Bank of India home loan

Union Bank of India offers house loans with rates as low as 6.80 percent per annum. The good news is that if you decide to foreclose on the loan, you won’t have to pay any prepayment penalties (only for floating-rate loans). The processing cost is 0.5 percent of the amount sanctioned, plus GST.

Union Bank of India gives prospective homeowners loans with interest rates as low as 6.80 percent per annum. Longer repayment periods of up to 30 years, along with EMIs as low as Rs.652 per lakh, allow for a more flexible repayment schedule. You can also get a loan for house repairs of up to Rs.30 lakh. On adjustable-rate loans, the bank additionally waives the prepayment penalty completely.

Union Bank of India Home Loan Details

Interest rate6.80% – 7.40% p.a.
Current EBLR6.80% p.a.
Processing Fees0.50% of the loan amount
Max Repayment Tenure30 years

Union Bank of India Home Loan Schemes

Union Home
It’s possible to apply for a single or joint application, even if you have siblings.
There are a number of convenient ways to make payments.
Purchase of property in India is also possible for non-resident Indians.

Union Awas

Individuals with a minimum annual income of Rs.48,000 are eligible.
Specially designed for the purchase or building of houses, with a maximum loan amount of Rs.10 lakh in semi-urban areas and Rs.7 lakh in rural areas.
Can be used for the purchase or construction of a home, as well as repairs, improvements, and extensions to an existing home.

Union Smart Save

Allows borrowers to make additional deposits in addition to their normal EMIs.
In the event that you make additional deposits, you will save money on interest payments.
Possibility of withdrawing extra cash for personal use later

Document Required

Identity Verification 
Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Valid Passport, Driving License, PAN Card

Proof of Address
Passport and driver’s license
Utility Bills Copies (electricity bill, telephone bill)
Voter ID using Aadhaar Card

Bank account statements for the previous 12 months as proof of income
For the previous year’s tax return

Property DocumentsTitle Deed, Allotment letter, Advance money receipt

Other Documents

If you have any outstanding loans, you must provide proof of repayment.
Check made out to the bank for the processing charge
3 passport-sized pictures and a fully completed loan application form

Toll-Free numbers: 1800 22 22 44/1800 208 2244

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