HDFC home loan-HDFC home loan interest rate 2021

HDFC home loan

HDFC home loan offers eligible consumers low-cost home loans with interest rates starting at 6.70 percent per annum. For loans of up to 30 years, the EMI starts at Rs. 646* per lakh. For employed individuals, the processing cost will be Rs.3,000 (plus applicable taxes), whereas, for self-employed individuals, the fee would be Rs.5,000 (plus applicable taxes).

HDFC home loan Detail

Interest Rate6.70% p.a. onwards*
Loan AmountBased on customer profile
Processing Fees0.5% – 1.5%
Penal Interest RateUp to 24% p.a.
Prepayment/Foreclosure Charges0% – 2%
Max Tenure30 Years

Eligibility Criteria for HDFC Ltd. Home Loans
A customer’s eligibility for an HDFC Ltd. Home Loan is determined mostly by their income and ability to repay the loan. HDFC Ltd. considers a variety of other parameters, including the applicant’s age, credit score, and credit history, among others. The following are the essential eligibility requirements:

ParticularsSalaried IndividualsSelf-Employed Individuals
Age21 years to 65 years21 years to 65 years
Minimum IncomeRs.10,000 p.m.Rs.2 lakh p.a.
NationalityResident IndianResident Indian

HDFC Home Loan Schemes

Home Loans from HDFC
Interest concessions for women applicants when acquiring an apartment, bungalow, row house, or other property from Development Authorities
Loans are exclusively available to resident Indians, and they can finance up to 90% of the entire property cost.

Plot Loan from HDFC
Direct allotment loans for the acquisition of a plot There are no hidden fees.
Repayment options that are tailored to you
Legal and technical advice from experts
Loans are also available to buy a resale plot.

Rural Housing Loan from HDFC
Rates start at 6.95 percent p.a. and go up from there.
Agriculturists, planters, horticulturists, and dairy farmers will benefit from it. Farmers interested in buying a home in both rural and urban regions
IT Returns are not necessary for agriculturists asking for a loan.
Agriculturists get a longer payback period of up to 20 years.

HDFC Reach Home Loan

for the purchase of a new or existing home
Loans for salaried people with a monthly salary of Rs.10,000 and self-employed people with a yearly income of Rs.2 lakh.
A loan can be utilized to buy a parcel of land.
Use this loan to build your home on a parcel of land or on free-hold land.

Home Improvement Loan from HDFC
A home renovation loan is a loan that is specifically designed to help you renovate your home.
New and existing customers can apply for loans.
The process of documentation is simple and painless.
Interest rates are comparable to those of a typical house loan.

HDFC Home Extension Loans

are available to help you expand or add space to your home.
A maximum of 20 years can be served.
Women’s applications are eligible for a lower interest rate.

HDFC Top Up Loans

Loans for both professional and personal purposes are available.
A maximum loan of R.50 lakh is available.
Only 12 months following the final disbursement of your existing home loan and upon ownership or completion of the existing financed property are you eligible to apply?

Transfer Loans from HDFC Balance
Conveniently transfer your existing loan to HDFC.
Additional top-up loan of up to Rs.50 lakh Special AGIF arrangement for home loans for Indian Army personnel
Repayment options that are tailored to you

NRI Home Loans from HDFC
NRI home loans are available for the purchase of an apartment, row house, or bungalow from private developers in India’s approved projects.
Loans are available for the purchase of a property in any part of India.
Get home loan advice in the country where you now live.
Loans from India’s Development Authorities for the purchase of the real estate

HDFC home loan Documents Required

Individuals with a Salary:
Proof of income
Salary slips from the previous three months
Bank statements from the previous six months
The most recent Form 16 and IT returns

Additional docs
Information about your job
Proof of personal involvement
Bank statement over the previous six months to see whether there are any other loans.
Passport-size photo of you and your co-applicant with signature
HDFC Ltd will receive a check for the processing fee.

Self-Employed Individuals
Income Tax Returns includes details of your businesses and income for the previous three years (attested by a chartered accountant)
Last three years’ balance sheet and profit and loss account statements
Statements of your business’s current and savings accounts over the previous six years

Additional docs
AS 26 Business Profile Form (latest)
Proof of personal involvement
Deed of Partnership (if applicable)
Details about your and your company’s current loans (if any)
Passport-size photo of you and your co-applicant with signature
The company’s Board of Directors and Shareholders, together with their shareholdings, are listed below.
HDFC Ltd will receive a check for the processing fee.

Toll-Free Number1800 258 38 38 and 1800 22 40 60


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