easy and quick loan- Upwards is India’s quickest personal loan

easy and quick loan

easy and quick loan
easy and quick loan

easy and quick loan : Upwards is India’s quickest personal loan provider for salaried individuals looking for short-term loans between Rs.20,000 – Rs.2,00,000. 💰

We provide hassle-free personal loans to all job profiles like teachers, software engineers, accountants, retail store employees, nurses and more who draw a minimum monthly salary of Rs.15,000.

💰 Key Points:
– Interest Rates (APR, Minimum to Maximum): 18% to 32% per annum
– Maximum APR: 32%
– Repayment Period (Minimum to Maximum): 6 to 24 months
– Processing Fee: 2-4% of loan amount

Sample APR calculation: For a loan of Rs. 100,000 at 20% interest rate per annum for tenure of 12 months your one time processing fee (@2% of loan amount) will be Rs. 2000 and monthly EMI will be Rs. 9263/-. The net amount credited to you will be Rs 98,000 (post processing fee deduction) and cumulative amount paid back by you will be Rs 1,11,161/- (=Rs 9263 x 12 EMIs), leading to an APR of 24%

📝 Prominent Disclosures:
– All loans are provided via RBI registered NBFC – ‘Upwards Capital Pvt Ltd’ & our other RBI registered co-lending partners (More details here
a. RBI Licence https://bit.ly/3oKV80X
b. Co-lending partner details https://upwards.in/our-lending-partners, https://bit.ly/2MUxqCa)
– We do not provide any pay-day loans or loans with less than 90 day repayment period in accordance with Google Policy.
– We provide full disclosure about our usage of any customer data and permissions at various points in our app (Sample app user journey here https://bit.ly/2O770Or, privacy policy here https://upwards.in/policy)

🎯 Why Upwards – Quick Personal Loans?
✔️ Quick approvals on personal loans
✔️ No collateral required
✔️ Minimal Paperwork. Everything from the mobile app.
✔️ Only PAN, Bank Statement & Salary Slips are required.
✔️ Quick loan disbursal in 1 – 2 Days
✔️ Minimum foreclosure & interest rate

🔐 Security & Protection of Privacy:
– Protection of your privacy and your data security is a top priority at Upwards. Our technology complies with mandated security standards and robust protocols which have been tested and certified.
– Detailed privacy policy here https://upwards.in/policy

👍 Eligibility:
– Salaried employee > Rs.15,000/ month
– Age above 21 years and below 50 years

🏠 Personal Loan Available In Cities:
– Mumbai, Pune
– Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida
– Bengaluru
– Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirupur
– Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Ranga Reddy
– Ahmedabad
– Jaipur, Indore
– 30+ more cities

🤝Upwards Quick Personal Loans are for:
– Home construction and renovation
– Family functions & weddings
– Self-improvisation (Skill-training course fee financing, job-related purchases etc.)
– Medical emergencies
– Travel
– Two-wheeler purchase
– Electronic Purchases
– Multiple loan consolidation

📲 How does Upwards work?
– Download and login
– Fill in your loan requirements and employment details
– Upload your KYC Docs, AADHAAR, PAN and photograph
– Approval will be communicated within 48 hours of document submission
– After that, we will process the loan agreement and you will get loan amount
– That’s it! You need to pay your EMIs on the due dates once the loan is disbursed.

✔️ Loan Approval Criteria:
– Income-to-Expense ratio
– Demographics (Age, Marital status, Education etc.)
– Professional experience (tenure with the employer, job stability, total work-ex etc.)
– CIBIL Score > 625
– Purpose of your loan and its authenticity

Your loan will be rejected if:
– You provide false information about your income and obligations
– Apply for an amount which you cannot afford and comfortably repay
– Past EMI payment (Credit) history is not up to the mark.

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