Azad Engineering: A Rs 5-Crore Investment Soars 531% in 9 Months

Azad Engineering

Azad Engineering: A Rs 5-Crore Investment Soars 531% in 9 Months

Azad Engineering- Imagine a cricket match where every move is perfect. Well, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar pulled off a similar precision move in the business world. About nine months ago, he invested Rs 5 crore in Azad Engineering, a company in Hyderabad that makes important parts for big industries like energy, aerospace, defense, and oil & gas.

Tendulkar’s Smart Move: A Success Story

Tendulkar’s clever move didn’t just beat Mitchell Starc’s recent big cricket deal but changed the whole game. The profit from the investment is now Rs 26.5 crore, showing Tendulkar is not just a sports star but also a smart investor.

Azad Engineering

Post-Investment Magic: Turning Rs 5 Crore into Rs 31.5 Crore

After a few changes in the company’s shares, Tendulkar’s decision to keep 438,210 shares turned out to be a genius move. The IPO opened at Rs 720, way more than the initial price of Rs 524. So, Tendulkar’s Rs 5-crore investment is now worth a whopping Rs 31.5 crore. Talk about a financial win in the world of sports!

Other Sports Heroes Join the Celebration

But it’s not just Tendulkar celebrating. Other sports stars like PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, and VVS Laxman also put in Rs 1 crore each, and their investment is now worth Rs 3.15 crore. That’s a fantastic return!

Expert Advice: Why Azad Engineering Is a Good Bet

Shivani Nyati, the Head of Wealth at Swastika Investment, thinks Azad Engineering is a great company for investors looking for growth. She suggests holding onto the shares but being careful and setting a stop loss at Rs 650, just in case.

Azad Engineering IPO: A Big Hit

The sale of Azad Engineering’s shares was like a big, exciting cricket match. Lots of people wanted to buy them. The IPO was 80.6 times oversubscribed, meaning way more people wanted shares than were available. The company raised Rs 240 crore by selling new shares and another Rs 500 crore by selling shares from existing stakeholders.

Azad Engineering: A Big Player in the Market

As we read about this thrilling financial match, Azad Engineering is standing tall. It’s a big player in making parts for aerospace, defense, and turbines. It controls 70% of the gas turbine market. Sachin Tendulkar didn’t just make a good investment; he’s showing that sports legends can also be financial experts.


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