Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar and Others Invest in FirstCry

Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar and Others Invest in FirstCry

Invest in FirstCry- Hey folks! Big news in the business world! Guess what? Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and some other big names are putting their money into FirstCry before it becomes a public company. Let me break it down for you.

Star Investors

Imagine a star-studded party, but instead of actors, we’re talking about investors. Sachin Tendulkar, the cricket hero, and some other famous people are investing in FirstCry. It’s like the Avengers of Investments!

SoftBank’s Move

Now, here’s the twist. SoftBank, the big player in FirstCry, is selling some of its shares. This not only gives a chance for more people to invest but also shows that FirstCry is becoming a hot property.

Money Talk

SoftBank made about Rs 600 crore by selling its shares. That’s a lot of money! This means SoftBank’s ownership in FirstCry is now less than before. And get this, FirstCry is getting ready to go public next year, hoping to raise $500-600 million.

More Investors Joining In

But the party doesn’t stop there. Earlier this year, other big shots also invested in FirstCry. It’s like everyone wants a piece of the cake.

Let’s Talk Numbers

SoftBank has already put around $400 million into FirstCry and has made almost $300 million from it. If FirstCry becomes a public company and is valued at $4 billion, SoftBank’s remaining ownership could be worth a whopping $1 billion.

How Much Is FirstCry Worth?

FirstCry is keeping it a secret, but insiders say it might be worth around $4 billion. Last time anyone checked, it was valued at just under $3 billion.

IPO Plans

Here’s a quick lesson: when existing investors sell their shares, it’s called a secondary share sale. FirstCry is planning a bit of both – selling some existing shares and creating new ones to raise money. Smart move!

New Players in the Game

Wait, there’s more! Other big players like Premji Invest and the Mahindra group are also joining the FirstCry party. It’s like a team-up of superheroes but in the business world.

Making History

FirstCry is about to make history as the second Indian e-commerce company to go public, following Nykaa in 2021. With almost 1,000 stores across India, they’re not just taking baby steps; they’re making giant leaps.

Meet the Founders

Back in 2010, a group of people, including Supam Maheshwari and Sanket Hattimattur, started FirstCry. Now, they’re steering the ship with a spin-off called Xpressbees, run by Amitava Saha, and a subsidiary named Globalbees, led by Nitin Agarwal.

There you have it – a thrilling ride of investments, celebrities, and a company getting ready for a big moment. Stay tuned for more updates on the FirstCry adventure!


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