credit card features and benefit

credit card features and benefit

Simply put, a credit card is just a small piece of plastic that easily fits in your wallet.

We can define credit cards as a credit system that allows the consumer to borrow money

In order to obtain a credit card, the consumer needs to fill in an application form that is actually like an agreement

There are eight main credit card organizations, and most of them operate in many countries around the world

Then there are credit card suppliers or issuers who have tie-ups with these organizations

To make a payment using a credit card, the credit card has to be either swiped into a special credit card

The credit card supplier sends across the bill for these transactions to the consumer who is then required to pay

If you pay in full, the credit card supplier doesn’t charge any interest on the amount you owe

the credit card supplier generally puts a limit on the maximum amount you can spend per month

credit card features and benefits