Varun Beverages may keep rallying after almost 1000% surge

Varun Beverages is the largest bottler for PepsiCo in India.

The company's stock price has surged almost 1000% since its listing in November 2016.

The company has a strong distribution network and is expanding rapidly.

Varun Beverages has been able to increase its market share in the carbonated soft drinks segment.

The company has also been able to diversify its product portfolio.

Varun Beverages has a strong balance sheet and is well-positioned to weather any economic downturns.

The company has been able to reduce its debt levels and improve its cash flow.

Varun Beverages has a strong management team with a proven track record.

The company is expected to benefit from the growing demand for packaged beverages in India.

Varun Beverages is well-positioned to capitalize on the trend towards healthier beverages.

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